Study Tours

The aim of any study tour is to provide inspiration and learning on particular topics. We believe that “looking outside” your region is one of the best ways to find inspiration for projects and other activities.  As such, we have been organising successful study visits for people across Europe since 2000.

Visits to exemplar centres will be tailored to suit your time allocation and budget.

We use our 5 point process to organise study visits to ensure participants of a well organised visit and one that generates greatest value.  In order to achieve the best results our process involves:

  • Needs analysis – checking out what developmental areas are of the highest importance to the group
  • Learning objectives development –through consultation and debate, developing clear learning objectives
  • Use of extensive contacts and experience to arrange trip – ensuring that the places to visit are exemplary, and stimulate discussion, as well as social, cultural and heritage options.
  • Development of an interactive report involving participants in communicating and reacting to each other on lessons learned, and including feedback and analysis.
  • Follow-up to assess the use of lessons learned

Our study visits will provide considerable benefits to those participating. They are:

  • team-building experiences;
  • increase knowledge through exchange of examples and ideas;
  • provide inspiration and impetus for new activities;
  • show different perspectives and ways of working;
  • reinforce identification of home characteristics against wider aspects
  • establish relationships between the group and the centres visited establishing long
    term  relations;
  • and last but not least, enjoyable learning activities.