Animals, Plants and Environment

The land and the environment impact on probably every aspect of our lives….from our breakfast cereals to an  evening walk in the woods. Increasingly land owners and tenants are looking for ways of managing their land  for a range of diverse purposes, which now includes renewable energy, tourism, leisure activity, conservation and heritage preservation as well as traditional uses such as animal and food production.

Knowing what enterprises and activities can be developed on an area of land, or what needs conserved, can sometimes be problematic and that is where an independent pair of eyes can be useful. Whether your organisation is a commercial enterprise, community or social enterprise, or as an individual, The Social Learning Company can offer you a “new look” at your potential alternatives and work through the options with a friendly but business orientated approach.



  • Land and resource (options) appraisals
  • Alternative enterprise appraisals
  • Asset mapping
  • Business Planning (Planning and Financial)
  • Countryside management planning
  • Land Use planning
  • Research and Development projects
  • Fund identification and application
  • Landbased education and training consultancy
  • Landbased training development


Examples of recent projects

“A Recreational Development Plan for Fauch Hill Wind Farm” for London-based firm, European Forest Resources – which forms part of French energy organisation The Louis Dreyfus Group. Near West Calder, Scotland, Fauch Hill farm is located on the edge of the Pentlands Regional Park and we developed community sensitive proposals for the development of landbased recreational and training facilities to enhance to use of land around the wind turbines. (2012)

Grow the Sector not just the Apples” – a research project for Forth Environment Link, Stirling – we carried out over 30 of interviews to collate views on the development of a national top fruit orchard initiative. This formed a basis for further research carried out by SKS Scotland.  Click here for a copy of this research document. (2013)

“Mapping Tourism Asset Resources in West Lothian”  – project managed this exciting asset mapping project with a team from SRUC Oatridge, led by Niall Evans and colleagues. We researched thousands of local tourism assets from those of geological and environmental interest, heritage assets from the Neolithic to the modern age, a total compendium of assets to enhance the knowledge of tourism sector in West Lothian.  (2012)

 “Access Improvement to the Hopetoun Estate” with colleagues Sarah Reay and John McGregor we produced a researched report  providing evidence of access restrictions and areas for access change to enable better visitor management on the estate. (2011)

Bridgend Growing Communities, developed their “Introduction to Organic Vegetable Gardening” along the accreditation route devised by Adrian whilst at Oatridge College. This modular course was devised to provide recognition for learning gained during the eight modules delivered, each lasting about two hours, which cover a range of subjects including basic garden design, soil analysis, composting, seed sowing and dealing with pests organically. This course has now been running successfully for three years, during which time over fifty individuals have received their College certificates.