Business and Enterprise Development

Every business is different and as we develop our businesses we face a range of challenges.  As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions. What worked in one business doesn’t work in yours, so we treat every organisation individually.

The Social Learning Company believes solutions are best developed when we have a holistic understanding of your organisation, its working environment and its people:  when we know what’s driving your need for change or development we will help you to invent the future the organisation wants, enabling the organisation to become a better business or to adapt for the future. Because we have this approach our testimonials show that we have an unprecedented reputation of delivering beyond expectations.


  • Unique “Systems” analytical tool and training programme to build unity and understanding within and across teams and individuals.
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Environment Research
  • Market Assessment and Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Appraisals
  • Evaluation and Performance Reviews
  • Grant and Fund Searches
  • Funding Applications
  • EU Project development
  • International Project development


Examples of our work

Growth through Systems Thinking

This is a unique people development tool which organisations can use when going through major changes or facing the result of the “silo” effect in teams – the process brings about understanding of the need for business unity.  It’s based on 5 basic premises: interconnectivity, X-Y theory, trust, 3 bottom line, and systems thinking. A step by step approach is developed over 2 to 3 days.   The group learning and problem solving techniques used in this programme bring about significant improvements in work place relationships and ways of working. This is a non-linear learning exercise!

A Recreational Development Plan for Fauch Hill Wind Farm for London-based firm, European Forest Resources – which forms part of French energy organisation The Louis Dreyfus Group. Near West Calder, Scotland, Fauch Hill farm is located on the edge of the Pentlands Regional Park and we developed community sensitive proposals for the development of landbased recreational and training facilities to enhance to use of land around the wind turbines. (2012)

European Funding Options for Scottish Autism – An Outline for Potential Funding  commissioned by SKS Scotland we undertook a full review of potential funding options for Scottish Autism examining key funding options to suit their development goals.

Rural Connect under the auspices of Oatridge College we successfully applied for grant funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund and West Lothian Leader. Rural Connect aims to engage with people who live in West Lothian and help them discover, share and connect to their rural environment.  This includes all aspects of rural industry, agriculture, horticulture, rural skills and careers, and environmental conservation.

The Oatridge Community Allotment was supported by Awards for All to set up a community demonstration allotment where anyone, from schoolchildren to experienced allotment societies, will be able to learn, free of charge.

Developing Activity Tourism in Europe - a successful EU Grundtvig project developed to create opportunities for academics to explore the potential markets for education and training in the exciting new area of activity tourism. This project brought about a partnership of organisations in Malta, Spain, Netherlands, Romania and Scotland and eventually led to the national development of SQA awards in Activity Tourism.

Reform and Technical Development of Initial and Continuing Vocational Education and Training for the Ministry of Education, Bucharest, Romania. Through EU Framework project funding, in partnership with Cambridge Education, this project has supported the creation of a single high quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system in Romania. The aim is that the system should be able to contribute to the economic and social stability of the region by providing a highly skilled workforce that meets the needs of the economy. This bid was written when Adrian worked as International Project Manager with SQA.

Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education Project (STAVEP) for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. This bid was written in conjunction with Cambridge Education when Adrian worked as International Project Manager with SQA. SQA supported delivery of Antigua and Barbuda’s strategy to strengthen their vocational education provision. The project deliverables included the establishment of a National Training Agency/Council, the development of a regional accredited new or revised TVET curriculum, and improvement in the delivery of the curriculum and overall improvement in student performance.


Modernising Scottish Higher National Project for Scottish Qualifications Authority – A groundbreaking application for SQA to ESF Objective awarded a £1.27 million European Social Fund (ESF) grant by Objective 3 Partnership under Priority 3. The grant aided the modernisation programme for Higher National awards in Scotland as part of an overall project worth £2.83 million. This project developed a new online assessment system, a range of online assessment tools together with high quality support materials for key Higher National awards that will be utilised by learners, managers and deliverers of learning, and learning support staff in learning centres.


Enterprise Development and Training – a combination of 3 ESF Objective 3, Priority 4 bids successfully submitted to undertake enterprise development and training programmes. Partnerships included local authorities, Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, Falkirk Enterprise Action Trust,  PSYBT all working together for personal and social enterprise projects, personal skills development for enterprise, for the long term unemployed, the newly redundant, newly established firms, firms ceasing to trade and social excluded groups.


Student Enterprise Centre – developed, planned and brought to operation a student centred “pre-incubator” base with support of £22,000 grant Scottish Enterprise and Falkirk Council (Economic Development).


MILLENNIUM project (£650,000) an ADAPT/SUfI project developing vocational lifelong learning / training programme with 24 SMEs. This project established partnerships with wide range of leading Scottish and international organisations, successfully delivering bespoke training to range of SMEs and their staff – with over 180 trainees currently participating.


Vocational Training for Women in Eco-design for Industry Project. This was a successful funding application made through the ESF Employment Initiative New Opportunities for Women Strand (£143,000). The project developed a unique training programme in Eco-design – creating the SQA Advanced Diploma in Eco-design – an approach to design of products and processes with special consideration for the minimisation of environmental impacts of the product/process during its whole lifecycle.