Our Approach

The Social Learning Company is a consultancy and project management organisation. We work in partnership with social and commercial enterprises (see Links) to deliver high quality outputs for clients.

Our approach to creating business and learning solutions is simple but highly effective and appreciated by our clients and associates.

  • We focus on customer goals and objectives.
  • We are receptive and responsive to the changing needs.
  • We complete the task on time with the expected high quality.

We believe in customer delight, exceeding customer expectations, rather than just customer satisfaction and therefore we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction with the ultimate goal of repeat business from every customer. We will go the extra mile.

The Social Learning Company offers a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee

Our strength lies in our experience, commitment to total quality, flexibility to suite customer needs and a wide range of its value added services. At The Social Learning Company, each obstacle is converted into opportunity, each challenge results in a solution.

We strive for building a long-term relationship with everyone we deal with be. We believe in a partnership that has a strong foundation of commitment to total quality, professionalism, honesty, integrity, trust and respect.  Once you are associated with us you can always expect a Win-Win relationship because our mission is:

  • To understand each other
  • To work together
  • To progress together

Customer service and support are top priority in our company which means we will:

  • Maintain contact with you at all times to ensure that their needs are being addressed.
  • Work with you, hand in hand to understand your circumstances, and requirements.
  • Customise and tailor our plans and processes to serve you better.