Thanks for stopping by and for looking to see what this Social Learning Company is all about!

The Company was set up in 2012 by Adrian Kitchen, based in Stenhousemuir, Falkirk, Scotland. Adrian is a highly experienced educationalist and landbased expert. He has over 40 years experience in the landbased sector and 34 years in education, mainly in vocational and higher education

We believe in applying everything we have learnt about education  – what works and what does not, to create new opportunities for people that doesn’t just happen in school, colleges and universities.

We are critical of many of today’s approaches to education and training in the formal sector and we are constantly seeking ways to better peoples’ learning opportunities. For example – our development of non-linear learning theory.

Education is a sector where there is enormous potential to transform people’s futures and quite literally help change the world. But we need to take a new look at what the purpose of learning is and where it can be better used for social good.

And that’s what the Social Learning Company has been set up to do. Every day is about pushing new ideas to their limit – really believing that educational entrepreneurship can create meaningful, useful, practical learning opportunities for people.